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What Type of Insulation is Best for My Home?

Have questions about different types of insulation, or want to know which is best for your home? Get answers from Colonial Green Products, New England’s insulation experts. We install cellulose and spray foam insulation to make NH, MA, VT, and ME homes more comfortable and energy efficient.

As insulation specialists, it’s no surprise that we get a lot of questions from homeowners about insulation. “What are the different types of insulation?” “What kind of insulation is best for my home?” “Are there types of insulation I should avoid?”

Home insulation is especially important here in New England where winters are frigid. We wanted to take a moment to give you an overview of the different types of insulation and which types offer the greatest benefits.

How Insulation Effectiveness Is Measured

Before we introduce you to the most effective types of insulation, it’s important to understandR-value​. R-value measures insulation’s ability to control heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

Different types of insulation have different R-values. Cellulose insulation, for example, has an R-value of R3.2 to R3.7 per inch in loose fill form. If you wanted to achieve an R-value of, say, R49 in the attic using cellulose, you would need to install enough of it (about 14 to 16 inches) to achieve that R-value.

The Most Effective Types of Insulation

Blown-In Cellulose

Cellulose​ insulation is made from recycled newspaper and treated for fire resistance, making it eco friendly. It comes in a loose form, allowing it to be blown into finished areas and hard to reach spaces. It may be used in a loose fill, such as when it’s blown along an a​ ttic​ floor, or densely packed in building cavities.

Spray Foam

Spray foam​ insulation is sprayed on a surface as a liquid and then quickly expands into a foam plastic to fill every hole and crack. Because of this, it has excellent air sealing qualities and can even serve as a vapor barrier. Spray foam is great for air leaks, high moisture areas, and hard to reach spaces.

Type of InsulationR-Value Per InchGreat For
Cellulose, loose fillR3.2-R3.9Attics
Cellulose, densely packedR3.8-R3.9Walls
Spray foam, open cellR3.5-R3.6Air leaks, walls, ceilings, floors, areas that need soundproofing
Spray foam, closed cellR6.0-R6.5Air leaks, walls, ceilings, floors, crawlspaces, high moisture areas

Why Does Proper Home Insulation Matter?

At Colonial Green Products, we install high performance cellulose and spray foam insulation because we know that these offer valuable benefits for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine homeowners, such as:

  • Greater overall indoor comfort

  • Fewer air leaks and drafts

  • Increased home energy efficiency

  • Lower heating and cooling costs

  • Greater peace and quiet

Choosing the right materials for your home insulation needs can be a tricky process. We can assess your home and determine exactly where insulation is needed, helping you make smart improvements that deliver real results.

Discover the benefits of proper home insulation.

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