Why Choose Spray Foam For Your Roof?

Colonial Green Products’ spray foam roofing offers commercial and industrial buildings highly efficient green insulation.

Our trained, certified technicians utilize the latest tools and techniques to deliver the most effective and efficient roof insulation possible. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, maintenance, or new construction, spray foam roofing is well worth your consideration.

The benefits of spray foam insulation include reduced energy bills, cleaner & healthier home environment, improved home value, peace & quite, more consistent climates, and more.

Our spray insulation can be applied in many ways including new residential construction, existing homes and remodel, commercial buildings, agricultural and industrial buildings, cooling/freezing storage facilities, storage tanks, warehouses, roofs, storage tanks, large and small metal sheds, and more.


Reduce Your Energy Bills

Colonial Green Product’s spray foam’s air sealing qualities combined with it’s high R-values of up to 6.9 per inch make it the most effective insulation on the market and can save you up to 40% or more on your utility bills.

Unlike fiberglass batts, which do not stop air leakage, our spray foam insulation is an air barrier which offers zero air leakage and is classified as an Air Barrier.

The air barrier aspects of our spray foam alone can account for a 40% energy savings given a full envelope encapsulation with our spray foam. This savings coupled with the ability to downsize HVAC units by an average of 40% concludes a total energy saving greater than 50% in many applications.

What Is Spray Foam Roofing?

Spray foam insulation is a modern form of insulation composed of chemicals and resin which, when sprayed, forms a foam which expands and hardens to form an insulating seal. Because of the way it foams and expands, it’s exceptional at providing consistent, thorough coverage in a variety of applications. There are quite a few benefits to choosing spray foam insulation for the roofing on your project. Unlike some green products, those benefits extend far beyond simple environmental care.

How Is Spray Foam Roofing Installed?

Your spray foam roofing insulation installation begins with an assessment of the roof: its slope, the materials, and any special considerations such as weight and structural support. This is to make sure the process goes smoothly without incident. There are quite a few options for the exact mixture used, depending on conditions and requirements. Professional installation of spray foam roofing typically involves an on-site mixture of two component chemicals to produce the most effective final product.

Colonial is a leader in the spray foam roofing industry. We have the most technically competent technicians and we only use state of the art equipment. A roof always has to be done right the first time so hire the true professionals. With many years of experience, Colonial delivers.