How much is it going to cost to heat your home this year?

New Insulation can cut your Massachusetts energy and fuel bill by over 50%!!!

The Weather Is Getting Colder and So Is Your House?

The colder weather is quickly approaching and that means higher fuel bills. With poor insulation, most of the heat your home produces quickly escapes. This drives your fuel costs through the roof!

One way to combat the cold and keep your home comfortable is to replace your old insulation with high-quality insulation from Colonial Fireproofing & Insulation.

Highly recommended!! They installed insulation throughout my 100+ year-old home. They were professional, friendly, and did the job right! Excellent service!! My husband and I couldn’t be happier!

You Could Save Up To 50% This Winter With New Insulation!

We offer many types of insulation that can cut your fuel costs to heat your home.

With our 5-star spray foam insulation service, we can easily insulate your home’s poorly insulated spots. With our specialized equipment, we can scan your home to find out exactly where your home is losing heat!

You could save up to 50% this winter by using our spray foam insulation services in your home’s poorly insulated spots!

Loved the entire experience. The owner was there from the start and made sure to explain the pros/cons of hard or soft spray foam. the installers showed not only showed up on time, did a quick and clean install but more importantly, both men were nearly silent. I highly recommend them for spray foam in a residence.

What is an Energy Audit?

✓ Scientific Approach How A Building or Home Uses/Loses Energy

✓ Thermal Imaging Visualizes Heat or Cold From The Outside Entering A Building or Home

✓ Provides Where and How Much Insulation Is Needed

✓ Identifies Air Leakage Entering & Leaving The Home

✓ Creates A Baseline For Energy-Saving Improvements

We are glad we decided to go with Colonial Green. We now have zero drafts in the rooms we had done and will have more rooms to come. All the people that we dealt with were very helpful and courteous. We would recommend Colonial Green.

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