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“Colonial came out to give me a quote on a job. They quickly identified that they would not be the best provider for the work I needed (due to reasons beyond their control), and spent some time discussing with me other options instead. I really appreciate the professionalism and care shown in them immediately saying “there’s a better option for you then our product for this”, instead of trying to sell me a worse solution just to get a job. Thank you, and these guys will be my first call in the future if needed.”

Eric H. 

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We have over 250 years of collective knowledge on our teams.


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Our insulation will serve you for many, many years to come.

Residential Firestopping Company in Laconia, NH

Firestopping is the prevention of fire travelling from one compartment to another through penetrations, construction joints or any other opening in a building’s fire-resistance rated (i.e. fire-protected) structural element or membrane. Firestopping can be on the interior of a protected assembly where the fire-resistance rated structure separates two areas of a building.

Residential firestopping is very important in many different ways. The reason for this is that when the house catches on fire there are certain places that allow the fire to go through. Residential firestopping will prevent this from happening in the majority of cases. It does not matter if it happens between floors or in walls or in any other place.

Residential firestopping is there to stop the fire before it goes through and does damage. The houses in general are made in a way so that they will burn fast when on fire, but there are many houses out there where people have installed firestopping devices which means it will take more time for the house to get on fire. Residential firestopping devices will be able to burn slower which then gives more time for the fire services to arrive and put out the fire before it gets too bad.

The first thing you should know about firestopping is that there are many different places where the fire can go through so you need to research properly around your house and make sure you know what you are doing before installing anything. In many cases it is a good idea to have more than one type of firestopping so that the fire will not be able to pass.

If you’re thinking of updating your Laconia, NH home to protect it against fires, consider firestopping as one option. For more information on firestopping your home, contact Colonial Green Products who are here to assist you with your every residential fireproofing need.

“We are glad we decided to go with the foam insulation. We now have zero drafts in the rooms we had done and will have more rooms to come. All the people that we delt with were very helpful and courteous. We saw a big saving in our heating bill right away. We would recommend Colonial Green.”


Commercial Firestopping Company in Laconia, NH

Commercial firestopping allows a building structure to block the spread of smoke and fire so that people can survive in a commercial building for a longer period of time. This is critical in the case of large fires, as they typically result from multiple points of origin and can cover an area larger than one floor.

Firestopping is an important part of commercial building design. A firestop is a system or method to prevent the spread of fire through penetrations or construction joints in materials that are used to separate buildings or portions of buildings for purposes such as temperature control and safety. Firestops require both abilities and procedures to prevent the passage of fire and hot gases through penetrations or construction joints in the fire-resistance rated assemblies of a building.

Commercial firestopped areas prevent the spread of fire to concealed spaces. Commercial firestopping is required for floor penetrations, ceiling penetrations and wall penetrations. Fire-resistance rated construction assemblies are commonly composed of a frame or supporting structure, the noncombustible building materials located on both sides of the frame or supporting structure and an assigned fire-resistance rating.

The assigned fire-resistance rating is the level of time in hours that it will take for a structure to ignite, burn through and collapse when exposed to fire. The type of material used in the construction of the building’s frame or supporting structure is typically specified by one or more governing codes. Commercial firestopping provides an effective barrier against the rapid spread of fire though penetration openings in fire-resistance rated construction assemblies of a building.

If you’re thinking of updating your Laconia, NH business to protect it against fires, consider firestopping as one option. For more information on firestopping your business, contact Colonial Green Products who are here to assist you with your every commercial fireproofing need.

Colonial just did a big insulation job for us and we couldn’t be more pleased! Brian and Sam were very professional and pleasant. They worked late to finish the job.


Professional Firestopping Company in Laconia, NH

The importance of hiring a professional firestopping company cannot be stressed enough. Whether for commercial buildings or residences, the installation of tactical/temporary firestop systems is important, especially if they are mandated by the local building code.

People often don’t think about the importance of firestopping until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, it’s usually too late at that point to fix the problem because fires can spread quickly and cause severe damage which is why hiring a professional firestopping company is so important. A qualified professional will perform the necessary inspections on your property to identify any potential fire hazards and take the necessary steps to correct any problems that may arise.

The main benefit of hiring a professional firestopping company is knowing that your property will be safe from fires and any other potential safety hazards such as electrical issues, roofing damage, water leakage, etc. This is important because the last thing you want is for someone to get hurt because you didn’t take the time to hire a professional firestopping company. Typically, these kinds of companies will also offer one-year warranties on their work which is another benefit that can give homeowners peace of mind knowing that they hired someone who does quality work and stands behind it.

Fires can spread quickly which is why it’s important to get it fixed right the first time. A professional firestopping company will be thorough when inspecting your property, provide you with any necessary documentation related to their inspection, offer warranties on their workmanship, and make sure that all safety hazards are addressed.

If you’re thinking of updating your Laconia, NH business or home to protect it against fires, consider firestopping as one option. For more information on firestopping your home or business, contact Colonial Green Products who are here to assist you with your every residential and commercial firestopping needs.

Loved the entire experience. The owner was there from the start and made sure to explain the pro/con over hard or soft spray foam. the installers showed not only showed up on time, did a quick and clean install but more importantly, both men were nearly silent.


Firestopping Company Near Me

Commercial and residential firestopping is critical fire protection measure that every building should have installed. Commercial and residential firestopping is fire protection that is designed to seal openings through fire-rated construction, fire barriers, or fire partitions that are required by local building codes. Commercial and residential firestopping can be an integral part of fireproofing, acoustic control measures, and fire safety strategies in buildings.

Firestopping is an integral part of fire protection as fire can easily spread through buildings if it isn’t stopped at the site of origin. Commercial and residential firestopping are two types that play a key role in fire safety, making sure that fire doesn’t advance into other parts of the building and fireproofing buildings, preventing fire from taking hold and doing extensive damage.

Commercial and residential firestopping is a fire protection measure that involves fire stopping or sealing penetrations through fire-resistance-rated walls, floor assemblies and roofs. Commercial and residential firestopping can be made from a wide variety of fire resistant materials depending on the fire rating required as per applicable building code, fire code, regulation or standard.

The core of commercial and residential firestopping is the insulation material used to firestop penetrations through fire walls, fire doors and other fire-rated assemblies. The fire-resistance rating of the fire wall is required to be maintained in order for these fire stopping products to work effectively. They are tested in accordance with fire test procedures established by regulatory fire authorities at the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal levels.

As a professional commercial and residential “firestopping company near me”, Colonial Green Products will save your home as well as your business a considerable amount of time and money. If you have been searching for a commercial and residential “firestopping company near me”, then contact us today for a free Laconia, NH insulation estimate.

Local professional company with great customer service and positive results. You will not be disappointed in their service or products. Took advantage of the special offer for my insulation and was not disappointed. Friendly professional results at a fair price!


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Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is the process of filling an area with a foam that adheres to the shape of its container.  This type of insulation is resistant to fire, rot, mold and pest infestation, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use.


Cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly, low cost material that is made mostly from recycled newspaper. It has high thermal resistance properties and can save on energy costs when compared to other types of insulation.

Fiberglass/Mineral Wool Insulation

Fiberglass and mineral wool insulation serves as an air barrier because the individual fibers are too large to fit through cracks and voids that may have developed in an existing building envelope. Fiberglass and mineral wool insulation can block airflow.


The process of fireproofing is known as the field that deals with preventing or minimizing the spread of fire. It mainly focuses on protecting structural members from fire damage, including steel beams, steel trusses, and concrete components/elements.


Firestopping is the term used to define the products which are required for fire protection of structural systems. A void in a continuous barrier could allow a fire to spread throughout that void, thus compromising an entire building.  


Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is an air barrier which results in the elimination of drafts, hot spots and cold spots.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is a remarkable improvement over aging insulation in an existing building.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Go green in more ways than one, by saving energy as well as money on your monthly bill.

Cellulose Insulation

Our insulation services are designed to function within the needs of the facilities.

Firestopping & Fireproofing

Interest Rates from 9.5% to 14.5%