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“Colonial came out to give me a quote on a job. They quickly identified that they would not be the best provider for the work I needed (due to reasons beyond their control), and spent some time discussing with me other options instead. I really appreciate the professionalism and care shown in them immediately saying “there’s a better option for you then our product for this”, instead of trying to sell me a worse solution just to get a job. Thank you, and these guys will be my first call in the future if needed.”

Eric H. 

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Bedford, NH's top rated fiberglass insulation company

Do You Need A Fiberglass Insulation Company in Bedford, NH? Let Colonial Green Products Do The Work!

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Experience The Best Fiberglass Insulation Company Bedford, NH Has To Offer. Why is Colonial Green Products The Best Insulation Company Solution?

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We have over 250 years of collective knowledge on our teams.


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Our insulation will serve you for many, many years to come.

Residential Fiberglass Insulation Company in Bedford, NH

Fiberglass insulation is commonly used in residential construction to help prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. It is an inexpensive material, since it can be produced to absorb sound, insulate against fire, and resist chemical degradation.

The number one purpose of fiberglass insulation is to reduce the loss or gain of heat in homes. Heat flow between two areas can be reduced by adding more insulation or increasing the R-value. Fiberglass insulation has a very high resistance to air leakage through wire mesh and its large volume allows it to seal spaces that are missing insulation. The R-value must be combined with air infiltration to give a true measure of its effectiveness. This is called U-factor and is the amount of heat it takes to keep a specific temperature in a room.

The high sound absorption capacity of fiberglass insulation makes it perfect for use in homes near highways, airports, and train tracks. It also can act as an insulator against fire in case of gas leakage or electrical wires burning. Fiberglass does not contain formaldehyde, so it is safer than other types of insulation.

Fiberglass insulation can be used anywhere in the home because it does not attract rodents or termites like other common types of insulation may do. It can be installed under floors to reduce heat loss during colder months. Fiberglass insulation has the ability to retain vapor inside its lightweight structure. This can be a benefit to homes that need an extra layer of insulation and have moisture problems.

If you’re thinking of updating your Bedford, NH home to save on future bills, consider fiberglass insulation as one option. They aren’t the only type available, but they are certainly one of the most popular types, and for good reason. Colonial Green Products are here to assist you with every residential fiberglass insulation need.

I purchased a house about 4 years ago and found the winters cold in certain areas of my home. I called Colonial Green Products for a free estimate. The workers are friendly, professional and finished on time.


Commercial Fiberglass Insulation Company in Bedford, NH

Fiberglass insulation has been a popular choice for industrial and commercial buildings that have complex floor plans with multiple rooms. The modern industrialistic architecture of large-scale industrial buildings have created an embrace for the benefits provided by commercial fiberglass insulation, especially when compared to other options such as concrete, brick or cinder blocks.

Insulation is a particularly important part of commercial buildings. Commercial fiberglass insulation can be a good choice for much of the structure if the design allows it. The thick strand glass insulation is much less effective at transferring heat than other materials, and that makes it an excellent choice in areas away from any possible sources of fire. It’s also extremely lightweight, and if a building is going to have a lot of flooring on the upper levels, that can be very helpful.

Commercial fiberglass insulation has even more uses in colder climates where it’s important to keep heat inside a structure for as long as possible at all times of year. Fiberglass insulation is one of the thickest types, and that makes it a great choice for places where heat loss could become a major issue.

There are many reasons fiberglass insulation can be an excellent choice in commercial buildings from large ones to small offices, but the main reasons have to do with easy installation and reduced risk of fire or malfunction. In designing a building, engineers should always consider if the risk to other parts of the structure from insulation malfunction exists.

If you’re thinking of updating your Bedford, NH home to save on future bills, consider fiberglass insulation as one option. They aren’t the only type available, but they are certainly one of the most popular types, and for good reason. Colonial Green Products are here to assist you with your every commercial fiberglass insulation need.

Timely and professional service at a reasonable price. I’ll be calling them back soon to insulate the second wing of my home. First phase saved me 20% in heating costs. Thanks Colonial.


Professional Fiberglass Insulation Company in Bedford, NH

Professional fiberglass insulation is a very complex process, and you need to know about how fiberglass works. If you have any problems with fiberglass insulation in the future, you want a team that knows exactly what they are doing. If you would like a professional fiberglass insulation company in your area, feel free to contact us at Colonial Green Products.

Professional fiberglass insulation is a popular option for those looking to save on their monthly energy bills. By sealing cracks and caulk any undesired holes, homeowners can attain an airtight barrier and effectively block drafts from coming in through the exterior of their home. But before you can begin your project, you’ll need to know what type of fiberglass insulation to use, how much you’ll need, and what installation procedures are involved. Luckily for you, professional fiberglass insulation companies like Colonial Green Products can take care of all that for you.

There are many benefits associated with hiring a professional fiberglass insulation company to do your installation in Bedford, NH. For example:

  •  A professional fiberglass insulation company like Colonial Green Products can quickly and accurately determine the optimal amount of insulation required to meet your energy saving goals.
  • The installation process can be a messy one, and its best left in the hands of professionals who have been doing it for years. They know how much material is needed, where it should go, and how to properly install fiberglass insulation so that you don’t end up with gaps or pockets.

If you’re thinking of updating your home to save on future bills, consider fiberglass insulation as one option. They aren’t the only type available, but they are certainly one of the most popular types, and for good reason. Colonial Green Products are here to assist you with your commercial and residential fiberglass insulation needs.

Great fast customer service estimate contract quoted in writing, Great fast service completing the job once appointment and deposit made. I have no regrets paying for quality customer service and quality finished product. Would highly recommend. Very professional!


Fiberglass Insulation Company Near Me

The main advantage of using fiberglass insulation is that it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, thus making installation much faster than other types. Fiberglass has a high R-value, meaning that it resists heat well; this makes it ideal for situations such as attics or crawlspaces where heat transfer needs to be minimized.

Fiberglass insulation helps manage your utility bills by controlling the flow of heat how it enters and leaves a building’s interior space. In many cases, fiberglass insulation offers one of the most affordable ways to reduce heating costs in homes and commercial buildings. This is because it has a higher thermal resistance than most other forms of insulation adding more value to your home or building’s structure.

Fiberglass insulation can also be an effective way to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home or commercial building. Installing fiberglass insulation within exterior walls can help minimize both the loss and gain of thermal energy from a structure’s internal environment. In addition, it also reduces heat transfer in a room by creating a vapor barrier that helps prevent moisture accumulation.

Fiberglass insulation also reduces noise within a building’s interior space by preventing the transfer of sound waves. This is because it provides a higher sound reduction than other types of insulation. Other various benefits of fiberglass insulation include the following:

• Being lightweight, easy to handle and relatively affordable.

• It is non-flammable, chemical resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

• Provides excellent protection against UV rays e.g. sunlight damage.

As a professional commercial and residential “fiberglass insulation company near me”, Colonial Green Products will save your Bedford, NH home as well as your business a considerable amount of time and money. If you have been searching for a commercial and residential “fiberglass insulation company near me”, then contact us today for a free insulation estimate.

Local professional company with great customer service and positive results. You will not be disappointed in their service or products. Took advantage of the special offer for my insulation and was not disappointed. Friendly professional results at a fair price!


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Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is the process of filling an area with a foam that adheres to the shape of its container.  This type of insulation is resistant to fire, rot, mold and pest infestation, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use.


Cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly, low cost material that is made mostly from recycled newspaper. It has high thermal resistance properties and can save on energy costs when compared to other types of insulation.

Fiberglass/Mineral Wool Insulation

Fiberglass and mineral wool insulation serves as an air barrier because the individual fibers are too large to fit through cracks and voids that may have developed in an existing building envelope. Fiberglass and mineral wool insulation can block airflow.


The process of fireproofing is known as the field that deals with preventing or minimizing the spread of fire. It mainly focuses on protecting structural members from fire damage, including steel beams, steel trusses, and concrete components/elements.


Firestopping is the term used to define the products which are required for fire protection of structural systems. A void in a continuous barrier could allow a fire to spread throughout that void, thus compromising an entire building.  


Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is an air barrier which results in the elimination of drafts, hot spots and cold spots.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is a remarkable improvement over aging insulation in an existing building.

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Interest Rates from 9.5% to 14.5%


Spray Foam Insulation

Go green in more ways than one, by saving energy as well as money on your monthly bill.

Cellulose Insulation

Our insulation services are designed to function within the needs of the facilities.

Firestopping & Fireproofing

Interest Rates from 9.5% to 14.5%